Grant Application Questions

What is your inquiry question?

Was there any debate over chemical weapons use after the First World War? Was there universal condemnation of these weapons, or were there legitimate arguments for the continued development and use of chemicals in warfare after the war? What reasons were given, both for and against, the use of gas as a legitimate/illegitimate tactical weapon? What individuals/groups were on each side of the argument? What were their motivations? Why did both the Allies and Axis refrain from using chemical weapons in combat during WWII? How can the debate over chemical weapons from 1919-1939 be used to outline the debate over enhanced interrogation techniques currently taking place in reference to the Global War on Terrorism?

What do you want your users to learn?

Seemingly black and white issues for subsequent generations were often less clear cut for earlier generations. Morality is temporal, constantly changing, and only through an understanding of not only historical places and events but also the concerns, anxieties and fears of historical participants can we hope to come closer to comprehending history. Choices we make today have parallels to historical decisions and can teach us about human nature and the way in which we deal with difficult situations.

What is your methodological stance?

To present both sides of the debate over chemical weapons between the world wars in parallel and then link that argument to the current deliberation over the use of enhanced interrogation techniques in the Global War on Terrorism.

How does your design work to support these goals?

A digital exhibition will allow three main themes to be viewed by the visitor at the same time. This would be difficult and possibly overwhelming in a traditional bricks and mortar museum (lack of space, multiple themes, etc.). 

What new things do you need to learn?

Uh, basic website design and all that digital history stuff…

How will you go about learning these things?

By rereading, and rereading, and rereading Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours. What is the rational for the decisions you’re making about source choices (by type, collection, time period, etc.)? I am only concentration on the 1919-1939 time period so any and all sources must be during that era.

What questions remain for you to provide a convincing grant application?

I need to make my grasp of digital history credible, and so far I think it is lacking. As well as going back over our relevant readings and scouring websites for grant application examples, I will take a closer look at my classmates grant applications (especially those who seem to have a background/understanding of the technology behind digital history for ideas and examples.

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