Scholarly Communication and Open Access/Open Source

Interesting reading this week on open source/access with Lawrence Lessig’s book providing a real wake-up call. Of the readings I enjoyed Lessig’s the most. Obviously a good writer, he distills a lot of the pros and cons of open access as well as how culture can be manipulated by big media, technology, and the law into understandable arguments for the non-specialist. To say that his research paints a bleak picture is an understatement. I particularly like his use of historical examples of other instances of technological repression (FM radio and RCA for one) to illustrate the danger of corporate influence on government and the legal system in terms of stifling innovation. I can see how a greater emphasis on open source/access can help combat this but the cynic in me (what? a cynic, me?) thinks it’s an uphill battle of good intentions versus corporate money. Hmm…do I sound like a member of the 99%?

This topic should make for another interesting discussion.

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